How would my video be unique to us?

Our goal is to build a relationship with you and provide an experience not only through our film, but during the wedding day as well. Our staff values you just flat out enjoying your wedding day (which creates incredible video!) and we serve in a way that tailors to that. Your film is also customized to what you want in it. It may be a song, your dad crying or your crazy sister’s dance moves! We’ll make sure to get those details through our meetings months before the wedding and be best prepared for your big day.

How do we book you?

 Shoot us an email or a call. Ask about our availability and let’s set up a call or meeting to get to know each other. If we are available, we’ll have a consultation to see what all you are looking for and how we can customize a package for you. Then we build a contract, you sign and we’re in!

What does “Flexible Hours” mean?

Typically a wedding day runs around 8 hours for us. We can be a little flexible around that, but for the most part, we can capture everything you need in that time. We say from when the hairspray settles to the sparkler exit. Our cut off time is 11pm at the latest.

What is the turnaround time for a wedding film?

During wedding season we look at 6-8 weeks. Off-season typically runs about 4-6 weeks. We watch all the footage after the wedding and have to choose the absolute best to create your story, so it takes a little time to create your perfect film.

How far will you travel?

We’ll travel ANYWHERE! International and Destination weddings are some of our favorite weddings! Travel fees start at $250 for boarding. After that, we price each destination wedding according to the needs of the trip depending on if we drive or fly and how many nights we have to stay.

What is an edited ceremony?

An edited ceremony is 3 cameras knitted together into one film from the walk down the aisle to the walk out song. We will have a close up on bride, groom and center aisle. It’s color-graded and built like a movie for you to enjoy the rest of your life!

What all is captured during the day?

We create the highlight film, but also love to capture “Memory Film” You’ll get that behind the scenes of your future husband/bride tearing up opening his/her gift or your uncle picking his nose during the family photos. We’ll basically capture every event throughout the day except the eating, nobody likes to see their self eating in slow motion.

Will you be a distraction during the ceremony?

Absolutely not! We have invested in gear to provide the best experience and not be a distraction. We will be on tripods around the audience and do not move during the ceremony.

Explain wedding interviews with guests?

This is a keepsake, if you have family from out of town or older family members who are important to you. We will pull them aside throughout the day and ask them to give you advice on camera for you to have forever. Almost like a video letter to you.

Whats your deposit?

We do a $250 deposit to concrete your wedding day.

How can we pay?

We accept cash, card, check or Venmo. Venmo being the most popular.


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